It started out in 2011 when a couple of Latinos & Belgians went bar hopping in the city of Antwerp, Belgium. Sounds like a bad joke, right? Nothing’s further from the truth.
Quantum Café is a cocktail Molotov would be proud of. These ladies and gentlemen serve there infectious grooves with cojones. Mostly they are melodic, occasionally mysterious. The southern melodies make the temperature rise. Things get hot. Come on, shake that body!
With over 100 shows played over the past few years, this band with musicians originating from Peru, Chile, Cuba, Paraguay and Belgium is ready to rock! The band shared stages with Postmen, Raymond Van het Groenewoud, Tourist LEMC, Amsterdam Klezmer Orchestra, Che Sudaka and many others. They played at festivals like Polé Polé Ghent & Polé Polé Beach, Bomboclat, Zomer van Antwerpen, Parknacht, Ubuntu, Esperando, …

Quantum Café is:

  • Brecht D’Hoore (♂ Brugge ) – Guitar
  • Thomas Nicolaï (♂ Schoten ) – Bass
  • Alejandro Donoso (♂ Lima ) – Vocals
  • Sara Minnebo (♀ Antwerpen ) – Saxophone
  • Alexis Armoa (♂ Asunción ) – Drums
  • Pieter Snyers (27 ♂ Antwerpen ) – Trumpet
  • Fania Rodriguez (30 ♀ Havana ) – Keys
  • Gabriel Valeria (47 ♂ Santiago de Chile ) – Percussion